Liangqia Huang is a Chinese multidisciplinary artist and designer, whose talent ranges across the digital world, concept, 3d, painting, and sound. She focuses on fusing multiple approaches as well as researching interdisciplinary areas. She integrates them to create leading art projects that produce harmonious artistic expressions.

She constantly seeks to apply her designs to new mediums, working with new collaborators. The results of this work often take beautiful and unexpected forms such as short films, paintings, digital art, and music.

Born and raised in China, Liangqia’s mission is to bridge the gap between eastern and western cultures, through multiple art expressions. She is currently at the Royal College of Art, as a MA student, focusing on Information Experience Design, humanistic research, and creative sensorial media practice.


Design X Bioinformatics 2023 competition - Award Winner
Canal Dream Art Festival, London -2023
Raise Love by One Inch Exhibition, London -2023
Works be shown on The Coronation Concert of the King Chars III  -2023

Works be aired on BBC One -2023
POD An Information Experience Design Collaboration for UN World Oceans Day -2022Textile Circulation Centre Exhibition in London Design Festival 2022 - Selected